What does the word “inspiration” mean to you?

One of the most common inquiries we receive is:

What Does The Word “Inspiration” Mean To You?

So, we’ve given it some thought and have come up with a solution…

Definition of Inspiration:

“The act of being intellectually inspired to perform or feel anything, particularly creatively.

” Oxforddictionaries.com is a good place to start.

“A sensation of excitement you get from someone or something that inspires you to come up with new and innovative ideas.”

“An action or effect that inspires or animates.” Dictionary.com is the source of this information.
“A supernatural influence or activity on a person that is thought to qualify him or her to receive and transmit sacred revelation.”
“The mind or emotions are excited to a high level of feeling or action.

We describe inspiration as follows:

When you are inspired, you have a deep desire to accomplish something.

We are all inspired by various things and in various ways. Inspiration, on the other hand, is all around you and can strike at any time.

Consider the following scenario:

You might be encouraged to help others after seeing a young man helping an old woman with her groceries.

You might be inspired to learn a new language after seeing your dear friend order Mexican food in Spanish.
You can be motivated to accomplish your work/school project after reading an inspirational statement.

The goal is to figure out how to tap into the inspiration that surrounds you at all times…

Where to Look for Inspiration

Now, to make it easier for you to find your inspiration, we’ve broken it down into five simple steps:

Step 1. Keep an eye on your surroundings.

You must observe your environment in order to be inspired. As previously stated, opportunities to be inspired present themselves all the time; all you have to do is be aware of them. Try examining your surroundings instead of texting with a friend on the phone or checking Facebook. Take a look around, observe what others are doing, and get engaged.

Step 2. Make use of your feelings.

You’ll also need to pay attention to your feelings as you watch events unfold. Do something that makes you feel wonderful, motivated, or inspired.

Step 3. Take action now.

Take action as soon as you have a spark of inspiration. Don’t put it off another minute, day, or week. Sign up for a class right immediately if you’re inspired to learn something new. Send an email to someone who can assist you in getting started if you are inspired to do something.

Step 4. Begin with a modest project.

Start small if you’re just getting started with your motivation. Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Eisenstein did not make the world a better place in a single day. They started with tiny improvements and grew up from there.

Step 5. Keep going.

Everyone’s definition of inspiration is a little different. It’s that moment when your inner flame ignites and you feel compelled to do something. Don’t worry if you start doing something and the flame goes out; just keep trying and returning to the initial notion and feeling that inspired you.

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