What a Woman Must Tell Her Son, A list of 16 things

There are many choices you as a mother cannot take for your kid; one day, your son will mature into a man and pick his own route in life, including his own work, love, and beliefs, and values. However, there are some things that any mother can say to her son to assist him in making the most of whichever life he chooses.

1. Become a Leader, But keep In Mind That Leadership Can Occur In Various Ways.

You may one day thrive at the top of an organization’s or company’s chain of command, but you don’t have to be the “alpha dog” to achieve greatness and lead others. You might discover that you achieve the most and are happiest in a support job. There isn’t anything wrong with it.

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2. Participate In Extracurricular Experiences In School.

Play sports if you enjoy them. However, keep in mind that you can engage in any activity that adds value to your life. This could include anything from joining a sports team to joining the physics or chess clubs. If there isn’t one for you, form your own and take the lead.

Never assume you’re too different to fit in with your peers, even if that spot hasn’t yet been found.

3. Be a Member Of That Group And Look For Opportunities To Assist Others.

Volunteer, donate to a good cause or organise a food drive. What goes around comes around again. Do your part to help others, and you’ll reap the instant benefits of knowing you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life. There are few things that can bring you more joy.

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4. Set Lofty Ambitions, But Never Lose Sight Of What Gives Your Life Value.

If you want wealth, power, or influence, remember why you want them. Pursue professional success someday, but keep in mind that money is not the same as wealth. What you do with your money adds value to your life and the lives of those around you.

5. Being a Leader Isn’t Just About Blending In.

True leaders always set themselves out from the crowd in some way. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Always say what your heart tells you.

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6. Figure Out What It Means To Be a Guy To You.

Be loyal to yourself, regardless of where it leads you, even if you are concerned that you are straying from traditional gender roles. Whatever your interests are, you may be confident in your gender. It is up to you to determine your gender identity and hobbies, not someone else.

Go after your dreams, but keep in mind the distinction between dreams and ambitions, and set achievable goals.

“Do what you love and the money will follow” is a wonderful sentiment, but it may not be possible depending on what you love. For a select few, pursuing goals and charting a viable career path may be synonymous.

A practical career, on the other hand, maybe one that supports rather than fulfils a dream for most people. This does not imply that you are given up.

7. In Life, Nothing Is Guaranteed, And Awful Things Will Happen to You.

However, change is the one constant, which means there is always hope.

8. In All of Your Relationships, Especially Those With Women, Don’t be Afraid to be Honest and Genuine.

Real human connection, not a guessing game, is the foundation of lasting partnerships.

9. Don’t be Hesitant to Flaunt Your Good Looks.

Although women are known as the “fairer sex,” taking care of one’s appearance does not make one any less of a man.

10. Be Courteous.

You will achieve significantly more in life if you say “please” and “thank you” rather than bullying others. Your prowess isn’t evaluated by your ability to control others or force them to do things against their will.
The real power comes from appreciating others, regardless of their differences, and real strength comes from vulnerability.

11. Don’t be Scared of Difference or Judge What You Don’t Comprehend.

Always endeavour to develop understanding bridges, and never rely on your preconceptions about others. If you’re unsure, ask questions. Also, always express gratitude to others for their faith in you.

12. Dedicate Yourself to Anything That Lifts You up and Fills Your Heart, Whether It’s a Job, a Personal Pursuit, a Relationship, or Your faith.

Allow it to shape you and assist you in your development. Never forget, though, that other people have various routes to choose from. As you seek support for your own path, help them in theirs.

13. Possess a Good Sense of Humour.

It will assist you in both enjoying the good times and getting through the difficult times.

14. Be Honest and Good.

When you have the opportunity, extend your hand to others.

But keep in mind that you only have one heart, and you don’t need to jump off a cliff for someone who doesn’t have one.

15. Discover How and Where to Manage and Can Save Income.

It may not sound like much fun at first, but it will become second nature once you get into the habit. Keep in mind how hard you worked to earn your money!

When you work so hard to earn money, you deserve to know where every dollar goes. These are trying times for the economy.

16. Never Quit Up If You Haven’t Found What Lifts You Up Yet.

Never let anyone else to define you.

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