Ways to Sell on Social Media

The guest on this week’s SUCCESS Line is a doer. Sammy replied to my call on Instagram for a spontaneous free coaching session on the show after my original guest was unable to attend due to illness.

I admire anyone who is willing to plunge in and put themselves out there for the sake of personal growth, and Sammy is one of those people.

Sammy, a 26-year-old millennial who recently left corporate America to pursue his side hustles, is almost doing everything right. He uses podcasting, social networking, and individual coaching to grow his business.

Money, fans, and clients, on the other hand, are not yet flowing in. He wants to know how to better integrate all three components of his business—his podcast, social media, and coaching—into one another.

We focused on social media during our talk.

That, in my opinion, is one of the most beneficial funnels available. And, while Sammy is a millennial who is well-versed in social media, there is a lot more to selling on the platform than we might imagine. If you’ve ever found social media to be a difficult nut to crack, keep reading for the top three techniques that are essential to every entrepreneur’s or seller’s success on social media.

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Start With Admirers and Work Your Way Up to Clients.

The power of digital marketing is apparent, but it’s critical to approach it with the appropriate mindset. People can sense it when you conceive of web marketing as a technique to reach into people’s pockets and take their credit cards. It won’t make you happy, it won’t make them happy, and it just won’t work.

Consider it a trust-building exercise.

Instead of focusing on gaining consumers, focus on gaining fans. Concentrate on providing actual, concrete value to your followers. Before anyone will ever buy anything from you, they must first get to know, like, and trust you.

The beauty of digital solutions is that they are scalable, allowing you to automate trust as your company expands. However, the only way to acquire trust is for your social media to be founded on providing value first.

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Move Users Away From Social Media Sites And Into Your Database.

The purpose of social media isn’t to get users to go from one platform to the next. Especially when, due to the unpredictability of algorithms, each post you write is only seen by a small percentage of the individuals you’re trying to contact.

The last thing you want to do is add to your problems by redirecting the few people who did view your post to another platform. That’s a lateral move; it doesn’t bring them any closer to you or your company. You want to entice them to come closer to you and enter your database. This is how you can accelerate the trust you’ve established through social media.

Bring them into your database and give them a more in-depth experience with you—a one-hour training, a video series, or something similar. It makes no difference what it is. What counts is that they extended a digital hand to you, requesting more time with you.

Once that happens, you can focus on offering more value faster, resulting in increased trust and a faster sale.

Don’t try to cross-pollinate your ideas across several platforms. Get people to sign up for your database instead of using the platforms. You have power over them once they’re in your database, and you’re no longer at the mercy of a strange algorithm.

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The Funds Have Been Sent to the DMs.

Selling on social media is similar to dating in person. “Hey, let’s get married!” you wouldn’t say to a complete stranger. On the other hand, many believe they can show up on social media and immediately urge their followers to buy anything from them.

When that fails, they argue that the platform isn’t worth it or that the algorithm is working against them. However, it is not the platform’s problem; rather, it is their failure to develop trust. It’s because they’ve lost the core principles of human psychology.

You must add value before you can receive it.

Engage with those that leave comments on your blogs and begin to form relationships with them. Then shift the conversation to your DMs so you can get to know them better. “What are your objectives?” you might inquire. What are you having trouble with?

“Have you tried anything?” This allows you to offer to assist them: “Did you know I assist others with that?” Would you like a free phone call to determine if I can add value to your life and if we’d be a good fit to collaborate?” This is the point at which the sale begins.

It’s all about creating relationships on social media when it comes to selling. It requires time and effort, as well as the willingness to show up. People will approach you and ask you out on your first date if you consistently show up and provide true value.

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