Ufone Daily SMS Packages

Ufone is a large telecom company in Pakistan that has been operating since 2001. Because of its low and appealing package offers, Ufone is a popular operator. This organization provides its valued consumers with call packages, SMS packages, and high-speed internet packages. With Ufone, you can connect with millions of people.

Ufone has a coverage range of up to 10,000 places. Ufone also serves numerous tribal communities where other telecom companies have yet to establish service. Ufone is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pakistan’s PTCL.

Later, PTCL was purchased by Etisalat. All those who want to receive low-cost packages while staying in touch with their families and friends choose Ufone.

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The Ufone SMS Packages will be discussed. The Ufone Daily SMS package, which includes 1500 SMS for a one-day period, is the most likely and popular SMS bundle. Send an SMS to 605 if you want to subscribe to this package. You’ll have to pay 3.99 rupees + tax. One of the greatest daily SMS bundles is the Ufone youth daily SMS package, which includes enough SMS for one day. A total of 600 SMS are delivered with a 24-hour validity period.

Send an SMS to 612 with the word “sub” to activate this deal. This package will cost you Rupee 1.99 plus tax. The Ufone daily on-net bundle also includes a daily SMS plan that includes 500 SMS that are valid on the Ufone network and expire after 24 hours. You can also subscribe to this offer by texting “SUB” to 611. The cost is quite inexpensive, at only 2 rupees including VAT. The Daily Ufone SMS Package code is as follows.

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Daily SMS Packages from Ufone

In Pakistan, Ufone began operations in 2001. Ufone made a name for itself in a short period of time. Ufone began providing valuable services as well as network availability in the most remote places where other networks had failed. People began to switch to Ufone Telecom because of its dependable internet package plans, as well as its reasonable voice and SMS bundles.

The Ufone network is for those that require low-cost package plans with extensive coverage. This article is dedicated to the Ufone SMS package plans. The SMS package plans are broken down into three sections: daily, weekly, and monthly.

The Ufone Daily SMS bundle costs 4 rupees and has a one-day expiry. 1500 SMS are included with this plan. To activate the daily SMS plan, text SUB to 605. All users shall be subject to the terms and conditions. On-net SMS package plans from Ufone include 500 SMS. After 24 hours, the bundle will expire. This package will set you back 2 rupees. The following is a list of Ufone Daily SMS Package plans. For a more detailed look, select your desired package and click the detail option.

Today’s basic necessity is to stay in touch with loved ones via phone calls or SMS. Different telecom operators in Pakistan offer various packages at various prices.

People, on the other hand, are likely to purchase packages that meet their needs at a low cost. However, checking all packages becomes laborious. So don’t worry, PhoneWorld always finds a way to satisfy its readers. Ufone continues to offer enticing deals to its prepaid and postpaid consumers. As a result, I’ll inform you about Ufone’s Daily, Weekly, and Monthly SMS Packages for Prepaid and Postpaid Customers in this article. Ufone SMS Packages is a good place to start.

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Daily SMS Packages

Pak Telecom Mobile Limited’s Ufone ‘it’s all about you’ was launched in January 2001 under the brand name Ufone. It became a significant player in Pakistan’s telecommunications industry.

It became quite famous among the general public as a result of its low-cost call packages, SMS packages, and dependable internet packages. Ufone packages, which promise the lowest rates of all time, are for individuals who want to stay in touch with friends and family on a budget.

Consumers may subscribe to this offer by sending SUB in a message to 605 for Rs 3.99+tax. Ufone Daily SMS plan gives 1500 SMS with a validity of 24 hours; customers can subscribe to this offer by sending SUB in a message to 605 for Rs 3.99+tax. Customers can subscribe to the Ufone Daily On-Net SMS plan, which includes 500 SMS to any Ufone network with a 24-hour validity period, by texting SUB in a message to 611 for Rs 2+tax.

Customers can subscribe to the Ufone Uth Daily SMS plan, which includes 600 SMS to any network with a 24-hour validity period, by texting SUB in a message to 612 for Rs 1.99+tax.

When compared to a phone call, SMS communication is more private. Assume you’re in a room with some individuals and you’re chatting on your phone via SMS. Nobody knows what you’re talking about or with whom you’re talking. As a result, no one else can hear what you’re saying. As a result, most consumers prefer to interact using SMS rather than calling. Prepaid consumers can choose from a variety of SMS packages offered by Ufone.

Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, and Monthly SMS packages are available. I’ve organized them all into separate categories for you.

SMS Packages from Ufone

We’ll start with daily SMS packages because I believe they’re quite popular among Ufone users due to their affordability. These daily Ufone SMS bundles are the greatest option for people who need SMS at a certain time. You may receive Unlimited SMS for 24 hours in this package for just Rs. 3.99/-. Subscribe to this wonderful Latest Ufone daily SMS Packages by sending sub to 605.

Daily On-Net SMS Package from Ufone

Another fantastic news from Ufone for its clients is that if your friends, family, and business associates use Ufone, you can subscribe to a daily Ufone SMS package. The major benefit of this SMS package is that you can activate and use it whenever you want; you can save money by not using it on days when you don’t need it. Simply text sub to 611 to receive 500 free SMS for 24 hours for just Rs. 2/-. On a daily basis, this is one of the greatest Ufone SMS packages.

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