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truecaller old version


Truecaller detects unrecognized callers and filters them out, as well as blocks spam and telemarketing calls. It also detects and blocks spam and telemarketing SMS automatically. SMS can also be blocked based on a person’s name or a number series. True caller is compatible with two SIM cards. It comes with a couple of themes that allow you to personalize the user interface.

Description of Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer

Truecaller’s Caller ID will identify and prevent robocalls, fraudsters, telemarketers, and other unwanted or unfamiliar phone numbers, keeping you safe from spam and scams. Millions of users around the world update the phone numbers on this spam list in real-time, so the powerful spam detector will constantly block and defend you from fraudulent calls and SMS.

Powerful Dialer & Caller ID:

  • The most popular caller ID software automatically displays who is calling, even if the phone number is not in your contacts.
  • Video Caller ID – record a short video that plays immediately when you phone friends and family, so you know who is calling before you answer.
  • You can configure a Video Caller ID using one of the built-in templates in addition to recording a selfie video, aiming to create a more personalized and unique calling experience.
  • Talk to your pals on Truecaller for free via voice calling (VoIP).
  • Google Drive backup of call history, contacts, messages, blacklist, and settings

Detection & Blocking of Spam:

  • Identify and automatically block telemarketers, robocalls, scammers, fraud, sales, and more.
  • Millions of people around the world update the spam list in real-time, assisting you in avoiding robocalls and fraud.
  • Block nations, similar phone number sequences, robocallers, unknown numbers, telemarketers, and more with advanced spam blocking settings!
  • Automatically identify and block any unknown, spam, scam, or telemarketing SMS.

Automatic Call Recorder (ACR):

  • Record crucial phone calls and save them to your phone with an improved call recorder that supports both automatic and manual recording.
  • Make sure to observe your country’s laws before recording a call.

Smart Messaging:

  • Organize your SMS into Personal, Other, and Spam
  • Chat for free with your friends and family in Group Chat
  • Use Flash messaging for emergency messages
  • Blacklist unwanted SMS senders
  • Automatically detect unfamiliar SMS
  • Block spam and advertising SMS

Truecaller Premium – Upgrade and get access to:

  • Ghost Call – set any name, number, or photo to make it appear as if you are receiving a call from that person
  • No adverts
  • Know who has viewed your profile
  • Advanced blocking and filtering options Know who’s calling without looking at the phone by using the call announce feature.
  • View profiles privately in incognito mode
  • 30 contact requests every month if you have the Premium badge on your profile

Truecaller does not make your phonebook public or searchable by uploading it. We’re trusted by 300 million people throughout the world, and we’re here to keep your communications safe.

Only talk to people you want to talk to

Spam calls that don’t go away are highly bothersome, and blocking them isn’t always straightforward depending on your device and network provider.

The same goes for determining whether or not the number that just contacted you is legitimate or a salesperson attempting to sell you something. Truecaller offers to assist you by blocking nuisance calls as well as assisting you in determining who is calling.

Stop calling me!

You’re ready to begin once you’ve provided your phone number, name, and email address. Truecaller’s main interface makes it simple to view your call history, filter it, and learn more about the numbers that have called you (for both unknown numbers and contacts).

The ability to see the name of unknown numbers that use Truecaller’s service is a particularly handy tool. As a result, I was able to quickly identify numerous unfamiliar numbers, indicating that they were not spamming and that I should call them back. You may also view business numbers that have phoned you because Yelp is connected with the app.

Meanwhile, if you suspect a phone number is a spam, you may quickly ban it. But don’t worry; this is a reversible process, and you will be able to communicate with your mother/partner/best friend once more. There’s also the option of blocking all spammers in Truecaller’s database, as well as anyone who masks their phone number.

Blocking made easy

Truecaller is simple to use, with a well-designed and intuitive user interface divided into three tabs (find, search, and block). It’s a sleek app that lets you access any of your desired options with only a few touches. In the meantime, the blocking feature works well (having tested it by blocking a contact and getting them to call me).

An app with a real use

With ever-increasing quantities of spam bombarding us from all directions, it’s fantastic to know that there’s an app that can protect you while also assisting you in identifying legitimate calls. No matter what device you’re using, blocking a phone number is now as simple as blocking an email address. Truecaller is an incredibly useful, user-friendly, and well-designed software.


It’s really simple to prevent unwanted callers.
More information on unknown numbers can be found here.
You may look for both personal and commercial phone numbers.

There are several features that are only available in the paid edition.

Latest Versions

  • Truecaller 11.48 (Updated: February 11, 2022)
  • Truecaller 11.47 (Updated: January 24, 2022)
  • Truecaller 11.46 (Updated: January 17, 2022)
  • Truecaller 11.43.12 (Updated: December 3, 2021)
  • Truecaller 11.43 (Updated: November 29, 2021)
  • Truecaller 11.42 (Updated: November 16, 2021)
  • Truecaller 11.41 (Updated: November 1, 2021)
  • Truecaller 11.40 (Updated: October 19, 2021)
  • Truecaller 11.39 (Updated: October 5, 2021)
  • Truecaller 11.38 (Updated: September 20, 2021)
  • Truecaller 11.37 (Updated: September 7, 2021)


When installing the latest version of an app on an older smartphone, it’s not uncommon for it to cause issues. Due to system incompatibilities, newer versions of apps may not function with your device. Use an older version of the software until the app developer fixes the problem. Check the Truecaller – Caller ID & Block version history on Uptodown if you need to roll back the app.

It contains all of the file versions for that software that is available to download from Uptodown. Truecaller – Caller ID & Block for Android rollbacks are available for download. Any version of Truecaller – Caller ID & Block available on Uptodown is virus-free and absolutely free to download.

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