Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Pakistan is the largest country in South Asia, with a population of 212.2 million people according to the 2018 census. Pakistan is recognized as the world’s 33rd largest country, with the bulk of Muslim people surviving there.

Pakistan has 76.38 million internet users, according to the most recent data from 2021. In 2020, roughly 17% of people will have used the internet 2019 and 2020.

Telenor is a large telecom business that has been functioning in Pakistan for many years. Telenor internet bundles are fantastic news for social media enthusiasts, particularly Facebook users.

Flex users can access Facebook for free for one day. This offer does not require you to subscribe to a plan in order to receive a free deal. Simply launch the Facebook app and begin using it. At here, you learn about that how to subscribe to internet packages provided by Telenor?

Another social platform that can be used for a modest cost is available. Subscribing to Telenor Social Pack allows you to utilize Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp for just one rupee.

A total of 50MB of social data is included in this package. Low-cost call and SMS packages are available. Telenor’s Good Time package includes unlimited calls on the same network as well as 200 MBs of data. The first 50 MB of this bundle can be used for social media, while the rest can be utilized to surf the web.

Other package plans are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Customers can get unlimited Telenor minutes and 20 MB of internet data with the Telenor Din Bhar package and deal. The cost of this package is between 8 and 10 rupees.

Telenor offers a video package that allows you to watch endless videos. For one hour, 500 MBs are granted. 4G packages are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. One of them is the Telenor Daily light 4G bundle. For one day, this package contains 50 MB of internet data.

This package will set you back 12 rupees. Telenor aims to meet the needs of all groups, such as offering packages with limitless data for individuals who need to use the internet for a specific purpose. Telenor offers the Raat Din 3G, 4G Package, which includes 1.5 GB of internet access starting at 12 a.m. and ending at 12 p.m.

This package costs RS 15 per person. All package plans are broken down into daily, weekly, and monthly portions, each with its own set of details.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Telenor subscribers can use Facebook Flex for free. It was made feasible thanks to a collaboration between Facebook and Telenor. There is no need for a subscription to use Facebook Flex.

Telenor subscribers can use Facebook whenever they want. If they want to use Telenor services for other social media, they can do so at a reasonable cost. Telenor is selling one-day access to Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp for one rupee.

Telenor Social Pack, for example, comes with 50 MBS of internet. Telenor Good Time Offer includes calling minutes with the social pack. The user SIM is enabled with unlimited calling minutes and a social pack of 200 MBS. Only Social Media Platforms are eligible for 200 MBS (Facebook).

There are various different package plans with one-day validity, in addition to the ones described above. Both the Telenor Din Bhar Offer and Telenor Din Bhar Package include unlimited calling minutes on the same network as well as 20 MBs of internet data for Rs. 8 and Rs. 10 respectively.

Telenor’s network now makes it simple to watch videos. Offers for video bundles that include 500 MB of internet data with a one-hour validity period. Telenor’s daily Lite 4G bundle includes 50 megabytes of internet data and 4G services.

The package costs 12 rupees and is only valid for one day.

Daily Internet Packages from Telenor

Telenor subscribers can use Facebook Flex for free for one day as a result of the two companies’ agreement. To utilize Facebook Flex, you don’t need to subscribe to any specific plan.

It just means that Facebook is absolutely free. Other social media networks are also practically free if you choose to utilize them. For example, you can use Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter for one day for Rs.1.

Subscribers can obtain 50 MBs of the internet with the ‘Telenor Social Pack’ plan.

If users want phone call minutes, Telenor offers the ‘Telenor Good Time Offer,’ which includes unlimited calls as well as 200 MBs of data. The user is allowed to utilize 50 MB of the allocated data for social networking purposes (Facebook).

The telecommunication provider offers the ‘Telenor Din Bhar Package’ and ‘Telenor Din Bhar Offer,’ which provide unlimited call minutes and 20 MBs of internet access for Rs 8 and Rs 10 respectively, similar to the ‘Telenor Good Time Offer.’

The ‘Telenor Video Bundle Offer’ offers 500 MBs of internet data for one hour, and the ‘Telenor Daily Lite 4G Package’ offers 50 MBs of internet data for one day with 4G services for Rs 12.

In addition to the aforementioned bundles, the business also offers the ‘Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G Package,’ which allows consumers to obtain 1.5 GB of internet data from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. for just Rs 15.

Users can also sign up for the “Telenor 4G Daily Day Time Unlimited Package.” According to the package’s specifications, the user can get 350 MBs for Rs 16 from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m.

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