Reach More People While Maintaining Authenticity

There is a never-ending onslaught of propaganda and distractions all vying for our attention. Getting your company or personal brand noticed these days is tougher than ever.

Not to mention the fact that you (for the most part) operate in a globally connected, always-on network of competitors who all do something quite similar to what you do.

So, how do you make yourself stand out? How do you “stop the scroll” and draw attention to your objective, message, or method?

It’s easier than you might think, but first, you must comprehend why it’s so easy to become lost in the crowd and drowned out.

Because most of us give unclear, indistinct, and vague explanations of what we do, businesses, people, and marketing messages become indistinguishable. We communicate in abstract terms, with a great deal of ambiguity and little emotion or connection. We sound exactly like everyone else.

Instead of speaking from a place of power, vulnerability, or authenticity, the key to connecting with your audience is to speak from a place of power, vulnerability, and authenticity. You must speak in such a way that they immediately recognize that you understand them and their problems and that you are willing to assist them.

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How do you go about doing that?

When you’ve figured out who your ideal client is, you’ve taken the first step. And you change your entire perspective from speaking with others to addressing just one individual. Whether on video, in writing, on social media, or in major presentations, you should fight the natural temptation to address a large group of people and instead treat each person as an individual.

Because the audience is so diverse and has so many different things going on in their lives, it’s difficult to assess and empathize with how they’re feeling as a whole. However, it is simple to comprehend and relate to how one person may feel. You are, after all, a unique individual who has been there.

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This leads us to Step 2: You should not only speak with a single person. You should also communicate from a deep emotional place that you understand and have personally experienced. The key is to market your product, service, brand, or message in a highly personalized way.

You don’t want to speak with some faceless corporate organization or purpose through a loosely connected connection. If you write and speak from a personal connection to the issue, topic, company, or question at hand, you will be significantly more successful and influential.

We remind our personal brand clients at Brand Builders Group to remember that you are always best positioned to serve the person you previously were. Because you know what it’s like to be that person, you’re in a strong position. You understand the feelings, struggles, and pain that someone in that circumstance is experiencing.

You can immediately identify with the difficulties and frustrations they’re facing as they try to navigate their way to the knowledge and processes they’ll need to go past their current stage.

You’re in the best position to help the person you used to be.

Speak with, write to, communicate with, and develop products and services for the person you once were. Return the favor and assist someone else in resolving an issue you previously faced. Provide answers to inquiries you previously had to answer for another.

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Tell them about how you overcame the problem they’re presently dealing with.

Connecting with a huge group of individuals is quite challenging. But speaking directly to another person about the shared struggles and emotions of our human experience is incredibly simple—even mystical.

The big irony is that if you try to reach out to a large number of people, you will have no effect. However, if you concentrate on communicating with only one person, you will have a large impact.

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