Overcome Your Fear of Responsibility and Get  Success in Life

In this post, I’ll lay out some of the most effective action actions you can take right now to give your life a huge boost in the correct direction, including taking the hard path, conquering obstacles, and growing your talents, so you can begin to accept responsibility.

Any of these heavy-duty tactics will assist you in overcoming your fear of responsibility and achieving more success in life.

It should be your motto.

When I spoke with famed YouTuber Evan Carmichael (3.2 million subscribers and counting), he shared with me his mantra, which has been with me ever since.

Evan grew up in Toronto, Canada, as a timid, innovative youngster. When he was in his mid-twenties, he was presented with a major life decision: stay on the beaten route, take a six-figure career, and play it safe, or branch out and become an entrepreneur.

Evan picked the latter, and his lectures and Instagram posts demonstrate that he is well-known for stating it.

“F.E.A.R. stands for “Face Everything And Rise” and “Forget Everything And Run.”

Forbes has named him one of the top 40 social marketers in the world. “I accomplish difficult things,” Evan revealed as his credo.

Evan is able to take action and move out into the unknown despite his fear by opting to make this creed his life motto. Because of his self-perception, he is able to overcome his dread of responsibility.

Doing tough things is a part of his identity, and by cleverly establishing this as his pattern, he bravely takes on things that worry him, and as a result, he achieves more.

The most important question is:

What motto or mantra could you choose for yourself to motivate you to seize life by the horns every day?

The amazing thing is that performing the thing that scares you the most repeatedly triggers a rush of endorphins that prepares you for the next challenge.

Because doing tough things is part of your identity, it becomes a habit, and because you celebrate minor victories every day, you reinforce the behaviour, causing your brain to systematically seek out additional opportunities to push the boat out.

As a result, you’ll be less afraid of duty and more capable of taking on obligations you previously would have avoided; in fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re putting your hand up for more commitments all over the place.

Remember, the greatest reward is generally hidden behind the door we fear the most; it might be the gift of gaining new clients, developing new relationships, or just discovering new abilities we didn’t know we possessed.

Take Charge of Your Life

When it comes to accountability, it all starts with you! Nobody can make you feel anything, no matter how real it feels. It is up to you to accept these feelings as your truth.

Take Advantage of My Free Guide.

Taking personal responsibility for everything that happens in your life is the best approach to get through this.

This means that you are solely responsible for your level of interview preparation, the traffic jam that causes you to be late, and the unexpectedly low laptop battery.

When you approach a situation with this mindset, the energy within alters, and the flames of passion, purpose, and direction begin to fan again.

If you blame your boss for making your life miserable by working extra and harbouring thoughts of resentment and anger, you will completely lose out on the opportunity to develop rock-solid confidence that comes from an inner awareness that it’s all up to you.

Such encounters become inspiring rather than debilitating.

Instead, focus on what you can control, such as your attitude and how you present yourself in the face of adversity, and you’ll set the wheels of success in action.

It’s a game-changer if you pursue this path and instead of resenting the fact that you have to work, you show up early for work and focus your attention on the opportunity ahead of you.

Instead of seeing work as a chore, you now see it as a luxury; you get to do your best every day, and as a consequence, you over-deliver; as a result, your employer relaxes and gives you the liberty you desire.

The following point, which is also related to focus, is well worth considering.

Shift Your Viewpoint

When your aim is to give, you awaken your senses and prepare to embrace life to the fullest! It is the viewpoint of looking to do more for others, to serve, that is the change agent, no matter how modest.

For example, you might be offered the chance to give a huge speech, but you decline because you’re worried you’ll mess it up. When giving is your mission, you function under this philosophy and tell yourself, “I will deliver this speech because I am helping those who are in need; if I can change one life, it is worth it.”

When you make this your success metric, the anxiety fades away and the objective resurfaces. It’s no longer about you and your doubts; it’s about the cause, giving, and serving on a more profound level.

When giving is at the heart of what you do, the battle takes on new meaning and purpose; it doesn’t make the dread go away, but it gives you the strength to keep going.

It takes you out of your head, puts an end to the analysing and fretting, and allows you to live a life with meaning.

This is where you reclaim your sense of self.

What do you have to offer today? What good can you do for others if you don’t do something you’re frightened of? What obligation are you avoiding that, if you think about it, could be a disguised opportunity to give?

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Frog to Be Eaten

When you’re trapped and thinking about what’s to come, you’re not in the present now; in fact, you’re robbing yourself of joy by worrying about what’s to come.

When you decide to eat the frog, you are committing to tackling the difficult tasks first and getting them out of the way.

You get up and go to the gym; you start working on that presentation right away; you send that unpleasant email; you have that embarrassing discussion; in short, you get moving and start doing.

When you see yourself taking action on things that worry you, putting your hand up for responsibilities and tasks that are outside of your comfort zone, you are demonstrating that you appreciate and value yourself.

The second component is magical; it is self-trust that turns all of that effort into rapid improvement and deep self-confidence.

Self-trust is crucial; it’s critical to maintain your promises to yourself at all costs — entrepreneur and motivational speaker Ed Mylett discusses this in-depth in his podcast on the subject.

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By accomplishing what you say you’ll do and keeping your promises to yourself, such as “today I’ll contact 20 new clients for my business,” you’ll gain self-confidence and, as a result, faith in your ability to deliver multiples.

You get to practise this every day by eating the frog, plus you get the hard things out of the way first each day, so it’s a win-win for you, and you’ll achieve a lot more.

If You Want to Run With Lions, Here is the Place to Be.

You might be thinking, “Why would I choose to start a race with the king of the jungle?” But what I mean is, surround yourself with people who encourage you, build you up, and see your potential.

It is extremely taxing to constantly feel pushed down, constrained by others, and absorb the negative energy of others who are also hampered by a mindset of limitation, lack, and issues.

Keep in mind who you spend time with, especially if you’re starting to feel apprehensive about taking on more responsibilities. This is a strong indication that you should keep a tight eye on your inner circle, since they may be causing more harm than good.

In truth, this could be your problem in a nutshell; however, before you dismiss your dread of responsibility as a problem caused solely by you, it’s possible that it’s time to find a new crew to run with.

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Life is messy, we’re all busy, and past ideas or ambitions can lead to bad behaviours, such as failing to change course when necessary.

You’ll notice that upgrading your environment, particularly those that impact you on a daily basis results in a surge of new vitality. When this occurs, seize the opportunity and get to work.

Similarly, if you feel invigorated, more confident, and at ease when you’re among particular people, this is a sign that you should trust your instincts and make some changes.

After all, is said and done, overcoming fear of responsibility so you can do more in life requires making a conscious effort to be aware of it when it occurs and acting quickly to address it.

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