How to Overcome Failure and Attain a Dream That Seems Unattainable

Shoba Narayan is a singing actor, thus she has to deal with a lot more rejection than the typical individual. Going from audition to audition and hearing “no” isn’t a byproduct of the industry. It’s all part of the job.

Despite an unfathomably difficult career, Narayan has credits insignificant shows.

She’s played Natasha in Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton, and Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, all of which are famously difficult to get cast in on Broadway.

In this episode of Brilliant Thoughts, Narayan speaks with SUCCESS People Editor Tristan Ahumada on what it takes to attain a goal that few others have accomplished. It usually necessitates three abilities: overcoming mental barriers, believing in oneself, and accepting uncertainty.

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Push Yourself Past Your Mental Barriers.

Narayan was accustomed to playing the leading role in school plays. College became a watershed moment in my life because, for the first time, starring in a play became a rarity. It made Narayan doubt her own ability in the industry. Would she be able to make it on Broadway if she didn’t have huge roles in college?

“It’s a difficult business to break into,” Narayan admits. “There was also the extra challenge of there being no one like me in musical theatre who was starring in Broadway shows—who was in the spotlight or who could show me that my ambitions could come true.”To surmount those obstacles, Narayan convinced herself of two things.

Make these statements a daily mantra if you’re pursuing an unachievable dream:

“It’s impossible for me to give up my dreams.” When you’re committed to your goals, giving up isn’t an option.

“I’ll be able to succeed if I can find my tribe of supporters.” Nobody creates their ideal life on their own. As a source of inspiration, honesty, and daily grounding, lean on the people you trust.

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Know That Self-Confidence Is The Key To Overcoming Rejection.

It’s difficult to believe in yourself. It necessitates you taking a leap of faith and embracing your accomplishment before it occurs.

Making such a bold decision seems fantastic, yet nothing changes on the first day.

You still have a chance to fail or get turned down for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So, how does self-confidence help to turn things around?

It was about releasing an intensity that Narayan had been holding back throughout her auditions.

Her kind of self-assurance resembled tossing aside the rules and allowing her natural brilliance to shine through. She took a chance and landed her first leading role in a college play. Her audition song, Jessie J’s “Who You Are,” was chosen as the show’s musical conclusion because the casting supervisors were so impressed.

“A lot of my classmates got to see what I’m capable of achieving at that point,” Narayan adds. “I wasn’t hiding or pushing back; I was genuinely taking ownership of what I had to offer.”

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That encounter taught Narayan three things:

To Attain Your Goals, You’ll Need a Lot Of Bravery.

When you trust your instincts, wonderful things happen.

  • Don’t be afraid to take risks, even if it means making a fool of yourself.
  • Learn to adjust to uncertainty, which might feel like a subtle sort of rejection.
  • Almost everything was rejected in the year 2020. Millions of people were compelled to reconsider their careers, fair wages, productivity, race relations, vaccines, and the global supply chain as a result of the pandemic.
  • Everything was slowing down at the same time.

Non-Essential Workers, Meanwhile, Faced What Appeared To Be a Cosmic Rejection Of Their Jobs.

Narayan says, “I put my whole life into [musical theatre].” “I work in television and cinema, but both have been shut down.” It took a long time to get a response about how we could continue to work safely.”

Narayan accepted her fate and embraced the new normal because she didn’t have much else to do. She sought out ways to improve her personal life while advancing her job. This led to a number of side endeavors, including producing original music and co-writing a TV pilot with an HBO buddy. She eventually broke free from COVID-19 and landed the role of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, the biggest role of her career.

Keep In Mind That Setbacks Can Lead To New Possibilities As You Pursue Your Goals.

You are given a rare opportunity to reflect on why you do what you do or to look into ideas that will help you further your career. But, whatever you do, doing anything productive—whether it’s leisure or work—alleviates the sting of rejection that comes with uncertainty.

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