How to Get Benefit from New Opportunities

Overcoming the human impulse to flee change is a crucial aspect of personal development. The only way to keep evolving is to be open to new opportunities and mindsets, regardless of where they come from.

Madison Pieper will take over as host of SUCCESS Stories in October 2021, and she is looking forward to it.

Kindra plans to spend the rest of the year marketing her new book, Pick Your Story, Improve Your Life: Silence Your Inner Voice and Rewrite Your Life from the Inside Out, which is currently available for pre-order ahead of its January 2022 release date.

“I’d like to focus on powerful women,” she says. She’ll be chatting with LGBTQ women and others who have struggled for success in all aspects of life, including as entrepreneurs and parents.

Kindra and Madison discuss being open to learning life lessons in unexpected places, welcome opportunities in whatever form they offer themselves, and how storytelling can transform your mind and your life in this episode of SUCCESS Stories.

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Keep An Open Mind When It Comes to New Opportunities.

We frequently imagine our dream possibilities arriving in the form of an unexpected phone call or email. However, most of the time, you must be alert to spot a new chance. You must also take action to make them happen, and you must not pass judgment on where they originate.

Madison, for example, discovered her future work at SUCCESS after conducting a Google search. She thought it was the perfect job for her right away, and it has evolved through time.

Another key feature of opportunities is their ability to evolve.

It’s possible that the one you’re given isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. However, if it includes nine or even eight out of ten features that you desire, trust your ability to adapt it once you arrive.

“If it ticks all the boxes and you jump in,” Madison adds, “you can advocate for yourself to take the role in the path you believe will best serve yourself, the organization, and others.” “Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for: you can make anything into whatever you want it to be.

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Advice That Can Change Your Life Can Come From the Most Unexpected Places.

You can get some of the best advice from unexpected places, just as you can’t foresee where your next life-changing chance will come from. Who you speak to—and, more importantly, who you listen to—should be open-minded.

Madison received life-changing advice from a seemingly insignificant character at a time when she least expected it.

The scene is set on an aircraft returning home after a vacation with her brother’s hockey team. One of her brother’s teammates’ mothers is the wisdom-sharer.

Madison was summoned over to seat alongside her on the plane, and she was asked if she was happy. “You should never settle for being someone’s option,” she advised Madison, “because you are so much more than an option.”

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Madison didn’t have a lightning bolt moment because this isn’t a movie.

She didn’t immediately review her life and become a self-assured champion in every circumstance. However, she recognized a decade later that she had been carrying this counsel with her, relying on it to make decisions, and spreading it with others. She expressed her gratitude to the woman for her assistance. Moms, even other people’s moms, really do know best sometimes.

Instead of turning it into a story about her humiliation and sadness when she found out she would have to miss her kids’ first day back at school due to a postponed business function, Kindra says she focused on the fun they would all be having.

“There’s this minuscule amount of time—almost it’s imperceptible—between where we are and the action we need to take,” she explains. “That’s when the story begins, and you get to tell yourself any story you want.”

Kindra is going on to the next chapter of her life, but she will always be a part of SUCCESS’s story. And we’re looking forward to hearing Madison’s and her guests’ stories.

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