How To Find Out Who You Really Are.

Change isn’t only about where you’re going; it’s also about who you’re becoming—how here’s to find out who you really are.

It’s simple to declare that you’re ready to change. It’s even easier to get caught up in a personality endeavor and buy dozens of books and courses to help you grow.

However, making a blueprint for your ideal identity is only the first step.

You can have decades of information, but you still have to put it to use at some point. In the midst of his most pressing struggles, Anthony Trucks, a former NFL player, and best-selling author, discovered this.

“I call it the shelf-esteem plague…. If I do read the book or take the course, it remains on my mental shelf and never enters my life,” Trucks explains.

“As a result, we’re puzzled as to why only 1-3 percent of people succeed.” It’s because the others are carrying out the tasks.”

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Identification Shift: Upgrade How You Run to Improve Your Life, Trucks’ new book, helps readers bridge the gap between who they are now and who they aspire to be.

Do you want to see how that miraculous procedure works? Here are three steps you may take to become the best version of yourself.

1) Allow Yourself To Develop.

Of course, knowing where you are and having the coordinates for any area is useless if you don’t know where you are.

Not knowing where you are in terms of identity is the same as not knowing who you are. So, before you can change to your best self, it’s important to understand whose identity you’re rejecting. This generally necessitates a lot of introspection.

You must confront whatever is inside of you, whether it contains unpleasant truths or pleasant recollections. Allow yourself to confront everything.

“Getting permission is difficult,” Trucks explains. “It usually means you have to go back and say, ‘Hey, I was terrible at this; I need to improve.'”

Many of us, particularly entrepreneurs, are expected to be the top dogs, the big dogs. Shoes, clothes, and dwellings in good condition. We don’t want anyone to see us sweat. Because, as it turns out, that may be disastrous for my business.

But I don’t want that if my business is successful but my personal life is miserable.”

Remember the six elements that make up your zone’s identity? Pay special attention to number six, which represents ego, in this exercise. Shifting to your better self will be impossible if your hubris is insulating you from the truth.

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2) Create a Unique Identification For Your Area.

When you’re in the zone, life is simple. Confidence and discipline, for example, are traits that you’d think you’d have to work hard for.

However, getting into the zone is difficult. It feels like a chance encounter, an existential gift you can’t plan for or duplicate for yourself.

But this isn’t totally accurate. Changing from one identity to a better one necessitates the use of magic. That meant creating a zone identity for Trucks.

If being in the zone at work means you’re more productive, achieving your zone identity means you’ve won the game of life. It’s you at your most brilliant. If you have the necessary components, you can reverse-engineer that.

“This is something that almost everyone has,” Trucks added. “They have an idea of the dream, but no vision of it.”

It’s the same as stating, “I know the city, but not the location.” As a result, we never enter the true destination for where we’re heading.”

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Focus on these six components that make up your zone identity to develop a distinct vision:







According to Trucks, essential components include beliefs, thoughts, and habits. You should be very specific about how each one will appear in your life.

To begin, consider someone you admire. In an ideal world, this individual has accomplished all you want and then more.

What Are Their Convictions?

  • How can they hone their thoughts to focus on their objectives?
  • What did they do to achieve success?
  • Your zone identity will be revealed by answering these questions. It’s like having GPS coordinates for your ideal existence when you’re creating that vision.

3) When Things Go Bad, Take Feedback.

What happens when you’ve got your zone persona ready to go and your ego under control? It’s time to live your life, according to Trucks. Take your newly discovered identity out into the world and put it to the test in front of others. Feel what it’s like to be your most powerful self.

Allow friends and relatives to provide feedback while you’re at it.

Allow them to correct your errors so that you can bridge the gap between your zone identity and your current self in real-time.

Following that, it’s a good idea to ask one more inquiry.

“What can I do to improve the next few moments of my life?” Trucks enquire. “It’s evident that it’s not a case of ‘What do I want to do next?'” ‘What will make the next moment [better]?’ is the question. Because what I want to do is diametrically opposed to what I have to do.”

Trucks have done a lot to modify his behavior throughout that time.

He’s apologized, broken ties with poisonous people, and begun serious self-reflection. He claims that undertaking difficult, unnatural tasks makes him feel like he’s acting out of character. But, in a way, that’s the goal. Acting as if you’re someone else isn’t the disaster we believe it is.

The fundamental question is: who are you going to be this time? Is your life progressing or regressing?

Trucks explain, “A lot of The Shift Method is born by those moments of the things that I accomplished.” “However, [asking], ‘How would I have done it better, faster, or simpler?'” …. The identification must correspond to the dream. So, what am I supposed to do?”

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