How to Download & Check Online MEPCO Bill

MEPCO Online Bill
MEPCO Online Bill

You must use Mepco power if you live in Multan or the neighboring districts. Every power company analyses the consumed unit and prepares an energy bill for each customer at the end of the month. Every month, the electric customer pays the bill. Provide bills at the consumer’s doorstep, just like Mepco. Let’s pretend you’re not at home or on a visit somewhere. The bill distributer then arrives at the user’s door. Consumers lost their bills in the majority of these circumstances. In the event of a loss, you can check your Mepco bill for this month online.

Wapda explains how to check your Mepco bill online.

You can check your Mepco bills online if you are outside of Pakistan or if you are too busy with your everyday life to receive paper bills. Many people prefer to check and pay their bills from the comfort of their beds. It is the ideal facility for lazy people because they may check the status of all their meters via the internet. Anyone who wants to check their Wapda bill online should use the procedure outlined below.

How do I Verify my Mepco Bill by Reference Number?

Everyone nowadays is familiar with the Mepco reference number. Because everything about electricity is done online, if you don’t know the reference number, check your prior Mepco bill, which is listed on the left third row. If you don’t have the most recent invoice, go to the nearest subdivision and meet with an official. They can look up your identification number. Also, you can check TESCO online bill and HESCO online bill.

Duplicate Bill from Mepco

For those who live in rural areas, Mepco duplicate bills are the best option. They are unable to collect electric bills at their front door. Because the Mepco bill distributor consolidated all bills into one location. People flock to the local shop to look for Mepco bills. Because a municipality has numerous bills, many papers were lost from the shop in this circumstance.

These days, Assume you receive your paper bill and it is misplaced for whatever reason. It is not a major problem; you can look up a Mepco duplicate bill online and print it for free. People used to be perplexed by their bills in the past. Assume they are unable to receive bills until the due date. In the following statements, they pay the additional surcharge.

Furthermore, it is a significant issue for middle-class families because paying two-month bills is a significant load. Multan Electric Power Company provides a solution to the consumer’s dilemma in the form of online Mepco bills.

Mepco’s Bill can be viewed online.

Until now, Mepco has delivered electric bills to customers at their homes. Mepco serves rural areas, and bill distribution is a challenge because each consumer’s bill must be delivered to their door. If anybody has not yet got it, he can use the web way of receiving entirely free bills. Those who live outside of Pakistan can access their bills via the internet. They are aware of their reference number in order to check online.

Previous Mepco Bill

Many people are curious about Mepco’s past. The majority of people overlook the fact that they either pay or do not pay the bill. You can now check your bill online and see all of your recent records on a single statement. All of the prior year’s detailed bill payments and units are listed.

How to Get a Mepco Bill Duplicate

If you are unable to obtain a Mepco paper bill or it has been misplaced. The facility of duplicating is provided by Multan Electric Supply Company. If you have a reference number, you can look up a Mepco duplicate bill on the internet. For duplicate Mepco bills, you’ll need to know the reference number if you don’t already have one. You can access your accounts for free here.

Mepco History of Wapda

Multan Electric Power Company Limited is the full name of Mepco (MEPCO). Wapda was a component of it. The federal government decided in 1998 to establish a separate electricity corporation for south Punjab. It is home to Punjab’s most important region. Mepco is responsible for distributing power throughout the province of Punjab. Multan Power Company distributes electricity to Punjab’s 13 districts. There is no internet system at the start. Wapda is currently upgrading everything.

If you require information other than bills, such as a new Mepco connection or a Mepco bill calculator, please contact us. This is an unofficial Mepco website, but we are providing all of Multan Electric Power Company’s data. You may also look at Mepco’s bill per unit price for the year 2021.

Schedule for Mepco Load Shedding

You may now see the mepco load shedding schedule online as well. If you require a timetable, go to the official Mepco website at

What is the Best Way to Pay Your Mepco Bill Online?

In the recent past, Mepco’s power bill payment mechanism has been a major issue. Because the online system had not been deployed at the time, everything has now been moved from manual to online.

People used to pay their energy bills at any government-owned bank, such as the National Bank of Pakistan or the Pakistan Post Office. You are aware that rural areas in southern Punjab have been developed. Wapda customers squander an entire day to pay their bills when only a single brank of the National Bank of Pakistan post office is accessible. Everyone is concerned about paying the bills on the last day of the month in this situation.

It is no longer an issue because Mepco offers an online payment option. Assume you have both a bank account and an Android phone.

Install the bank application for the bank you want to use. There is also a bill payment option. You can pay your Mepco invoices using the Android apps provided by the banks listed below.

Region Mepco

Mepco is in charge of delivering energy to homes and businesses in various cities in South Punjab. Below is a list of the districts that fall under the Mepco umbrella.

Mepco Cities List

Dera Ghazi Khan Multan Muzafargarh
Khanewal Lodhanran Vehari
Layyah Sahiwal Rajanpur
Bahawal Pur Bahawal Nagar Rahim Yar Khan

If you live in one of these cities, your Mepco Wapda bill is here, as are the ones from the other power companies. If you’re looking for a different Wapda region bill, go to and type in the name of the region you’re looking for, then verify your invoice.

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