How This Lady Rose Through The Ranks At HGTV To Become COO.

Susan Packard, a powerful businesswoman and former Chief Operating Officer of HGTV, is back at it.

Her new book, New Rules of the Game: Ten Tips for Women in the Workplace, is rapidly becoming the go-to reference for career-minded female entrepreneurs.

Packard focuses on how to employ gamesmanship in the workplace to foster creativity, focus, optimism, teamwork, and competitiveness.

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In this conversation,

Susan Packard offers Her Broad Business Expertise And Experience…

If you adopt all of these work-life balance recommendations into your everyday life and still don’t feel like you have a healthy balance and are dissatisfied, it might be time to revisit your priority list.

Not Everyone Works In The Correct Field.

Would you be happier in a job with fewer out-of-office commitments and shorter hours? It’s frightening to think about making a huge life change, and ideally you won’t have to. If you do, don’t be afraid to try it; it might possibly alter your life for the better!

It’s well worth it to follow your newly implemented work-life balance suggestions in order to live a happy, healthy, and balanced existence!

Men and women each bring their own set of skills to the workplace and in life. We achieve maximum workplace success by combining those abilities and gifts.

And research after study indicates that having women at the table increases a company’s earnings.

That isn’t because women are better executives than men; it is because men and women working together produce significant results.

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Why do the majority of women fall short of their goals?

Women who ‘fail’ have most likely not failed; instead, they’ve left the workforce due to unfavorable regulations around flextime and child-rearing, or around caregiving of any type, including caregiving for one’s parents.

Because women are still disproportionately responsible for child care, clever, capable women frequently take a break.

What are some of the most widespread misunderstandings regarding businesswomen? Susan-Packard-book

The traditional view of successful women is that they are hard-edged, single, and workaholics.

Women can and should bring their femininity to work if it is something that is important to them.

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Nobody Expects Us To Behave Like Men.

While we don’t want to act like men, we do want to act like athletes, according to my book, New Rules of the Game, Ten Strategies for Women in the Workplace. That means arriving at work calm, confident, and mentally strong.

What are some of the barriers that women face?
If the employer does not offer flexible work schedules, the workplace itself becomes an obstacle. On paper, some firms do it, but in practice, supervisors may frown on it.

That’s a cultural issue, so when you start a new job, learn everything you can about the company’s culture to make sure it’s what you want. Because Human Resources (HR) is likely to have an ivy tower view of what truly happens on a daily basis, you could ask to speak with a couple of persons who work there.

What are some of the action items that women should employ in order to achieve success?
Because women are watched more than men, maintaining your composure is critical to your success.

Women are still thought to be highly emotional, according to outdated prejudices.

When I knew I’d be in a public, tense scenario, I’d practice deep breathing. I got enough sleep and tried to limit my sugar intake (with the exception of chocolate, which I never limit). This isn’t to imply you shouldn’t be enthusiastic about your message.

I’m arguing that when things get extremely rough, it’s critical to remain cool and rational.

Another option is to have a look around the office or organization where you work. Dressing in line with the company’s tone and purpose is vital since it creates a positive first impression. If you’re working at a large corporation, you’ll most certainly dress conservatively. You’ll have greater freedom if you’re in a creative shop. You want to be remembered for your intelligence, not to make a statement about who you are.

As your job progresses, you’ll have greater freedom to dress in ways that reflect your personal style.


What Extra Resources Are Available To Assist Women In Achieving Their Goals?

Books by authors such as:

Dr. Pat Heim, Gale Evans, and Joan Cronan, who have all written books on gamesmanship, especially Brene Brown’s bestseller The Gifts of Imperfection; Katty Kay’s The Confidence Code; and Dr. Pat Heim, Gale Evans, and Joan Cronan, who have all written books on gamesmanship (the topic of my book).

Lists of nice firms to work for if you’re a woman can be found all throughout the country, including:

Working Women and Forbes’ Ten Best Companies to Work For Top NAFE Companies

What is the one piece of business advice you would provide to a woman?

Building networks of partnerships in your firm, and if possible, in your sector, through trade groups you might join, is vital, in my opinion.

These networks can help you make vital connections, widen your support network, and gain a better understanding of your company’s activities.

If you get to know people outside of your supervisor, you can have a beneficial impact on your career. You’ll understand what I mean if you take someone to lunch who works in a department you’re unfamiliar with.

How do you motivate others to improve?
I stress the significance of emotional development. It elevates a person from a manager to a leader.

It considers factors such as resiliency, respect, and a value system that is inclusive. We don’t necessarily mature emotionally just because we’ve grown up and matured physically.

Emotional maturity is the first step in becoming a better person and a leader.

Which of the following quotes is your personal favorite?
I recently came upon this one from the wonderful 16th-century scientist Issac Newton, which I adore:

It’s because I’ve stood on the shoulders of giants that I’ve been able to see further.

Newton, Issac

Newton credited all those who had come before him for their contributions to knowledge and discoveries, which he expanded on.

What would you say if you could make a quote right now?
Every moment, if you pay attention, comes with a gift.

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