How Do I Get Motivated To Run?

Life in our fast-paced modern culture can be challenging. Not only are we under a lot of pressure to appear beautiful, but we’re also expected to get more and more done all of the time. We’re expected to meet all of our work deadlines, attend social gatherings, eat well, look after our families, keep our bodies in good shape, and exercise on a regular basis.

Finding a gym and a program that is both accessible to your work or home life and economical when it comes to regular exercise might be difficult.

Fortunately, there is an exercise that has been around for much longer than lifting weights, cycling, playing football, or consuming protein shakes. Since early hominids began walking on two feet, it has been inextricably linked to our lives:


Running is an excellent kind of exercise for a variety of reasons. It’s wonderful for cardio, a terrific social activity, and it’s completely free. All you need are a pair of running shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt to get started.

However, one aspect of running that isn’t always straightforward is motivation.

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Running Inspiration

How do you become motivated to run?

Running can be a difficult sport for beginners. Unless you’re training for a race, you may not have a clear goal in mind, and unlike other sports where the goal is to win, you won’t have an immediate motivation to push you through the pain.

Simply begin.

Most individuals are unaware that getting out of the house is half the battle when it comes to jogging. We put up mental obstacles before we even get out and run, reminding ourselves how difficult it will be or recalling how difficult it was the last time we went for a run. All that exists is your current low energy condition attempting to explain its own existence.

The truth is that when you get out and start jogging, your muscles instantly warm up, adrenaline is released, and you begin to view things from a completely different perspective. If you’re having trouble finding the desire to exercise, simply disregard what your mind is telling you and go for a 2-minute run. You’ll know half of the answer as soon as you walk out the door!

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Consume the Appropriate Foods

You must consume the correct foods at the right times if you want to run frequently. Though carb-heavy meals are an excellent method to recuperate after a long run, eating too many carbs before a run can make you sluggish and uninterested.

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of healthy fruits and veggies. Remember that just because something is called a superfood doesn’t mean you have to eat it. Make sure you’re eating healthy foods you enjoy so that living a healthy lifestyle becomes a pleasure rather than work.

Running is, in the end, the ideal kind of exercise for both your body and mind. Getting the correct conditions in place and acquiring some momentum are two of the most important aspects of finding inspiration to run. Remember the first rule: start now, and everything else will fall into place as you continue to add the other actions.

Have a Certain Aim In Mind.

Running without a goal, as I have stated, is difficult. We may need to set a goal to help us get started because we don’t notice immediate physical results from running as we do with other forms of exercise.

It may be as simple as running a 5km event with a friend, or even a half marathon if you register early enough. In either case, setting a goal is beneficial, whether or not you achieve it, because the aim in and of itself can be the catalyst for change.

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Give Yourself a Treat.

It’s all too easy to dismiss the value of good old-fashioned carrot-and-stick motivation.

Find a Group to Join.

One of the most powerful motivators is social accountability. When you’re on your own, finding the motivation to do anything is much more difficult. If you can find a local runner’s group or even a friend to run with, it will make your runs much simpler and motivate you to keep going. A quick Google or Facebook search should yield a list of local running groups. If everything else fails, you could always post a status on Facebook asking for a running buddy.

Make a Jogging Mix For Yourself.

Hundreds of studies have been conducted to examine the impact of music on running performance, with largely good results. For example, a study published in the journal Strength and Conditioning Research found that listening to music before and during a 5km run improved performance and speeded recovery. Aside from the science, running to your favorite music keeps you motivated and offers you a boost when you’re fatigued.

You’re teaching your body and mind to want to seek that reward again in the future by rewarding yourself after each run. It is, however, critical to ensure that the incentive is appropriate for the act of running.

For example, rewarding yourself with a hot shower is far more beneficial than eating an entire takeout pizza. Pizza may leave you feeling sluggish, depleting your energy and reinforcing bad habits, whereas a hot shower soothes and relaxes the muscles, preparing you for the next run. Remember that while selecting a reward for yourself!

Make Use Of a Fitness App.

A running app is a terrific addition to your plan once you’ve selected a target. There are plenty to choose from, and they can help you keep track of your progress every day so you can see how far you’ve come and stay motivated to keep running. MapMyRun, RunKeeper, and the Nike+ Running app are all excellent tools for tracking your progress.

Consistency is key.

Consistency is the cornerstone of any habit. You must find momentum if you want to discover drive to run. This can be accomplished by organizing your life around your run and making it a point to run at the same time each day. If you’re having trouble deciding when to go for a run, the easiest method to start a new habit is to stick to an old one. So, if you grab your daily coffee at 8 a.m. every day, you may sprint to the cafe and then walk back.

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