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The Description of Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker App

Viewing applications and websites from all over the world are completely free. Switching nations is simple.

Lightning Browser is included in Hola Free VPN and is licensed under the Lightning Browser Mozilla Public License, Version 2.0. This license can be found here: https://github.com/anthonycr/Lightning-Browser

You can use Hola Free VPN Proxy for free in exchange for safely accessing some of your device’s resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only while your device is turned off. By upgrading to a premium account, you can disable this feature. For further information, please visit our Terms of Service.

HolaVPN Proxy Unblocker is a split-tunneling proxy that allows you to unblock websites without slowing them down. It works by sending only the bare minimum of data through a tunnel, while the remainder is sent directly, allowing for the quickest unblocking. Use HolaVPN Plus for complete privacy protection.

What kind of information do we gather?

When you use the Services, we gather the following sorts of information from you:

  • Log Data: Log data may contain information such as your browser type, the web pages you visit, the time spent on those pages, and access times and dates.
  • Personal Information: Personal information is any information that identifies or may identify you, whether it is private or sensitive.

Your IP address, name and email address, screen name, payment and billing information, and any other information we may request from time to time for the onboarding process and service provisioning are examples of Personal Information we may collect and maintain.

  • Installed Applications: a list of all the apps that the user has installed on his or her smartphone.
    Using a social media account for registration: We will have access to basic information from your social network account if you register or sign-in to the Services using your social network account (e.g., Facebook, Google+).

What will we do with your information?

We utilize your personal information to provide the Service to you. This means we’ll use your information to create your account, provide you with Service support, communicate with you about updates, marketing offers, and any concerns you may have, as well as to conduct statistical and analytical research to improve the Service.

We share information.

Personal information is not rented or sold by us. For the purposes of providing you with the Services, storage, and analytics, we may share Personal Information with other trusted third-party service providers or partners. Personal Information may also be transferred or disclosed to our subsidiaries and related entities.

Hola VPN Proxy Plus (Hola for short) is an Android browsing solution that comes with two unique features. First and foremost, thanks to its URL caching, which may compress HTTP by up to 70%, it speeds up your Internet and eliminates the need for 3G online browsing.

Second, when you use Hola VPN Proxy Plus, you won’t have any issues with regional restrictions. You’ll never encounter the dreadful notice, ‘Sorry, but this content is not available in your country,’ thanks to its VPN unlocker.

Unlike other programs, Hola Free VPN will not send you superuser requests, allowing you to use it whether or not you have a rooted device. All you have to do now is decide which country you want to utilize as a mirror.

Then, in a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to use a safe and anonymous connection to access the Internet.

Hola VPN Proxy Plus is a great addition to any Android browser. It not only makes navigation faster, but it also lets you access websites, video streaming services, and other apps that are generally restricted in your country. You can also use it for a variety of apps and video streaming services.

More information on Hola Free VPN Proxy

Hola Free VPN Proxy allows users from all over the world to effortlessly open the web and browse without fear of being tracked. Users can have a better online experience using Hola VPN Proxy. The VPN service is one of a kind, with the following distinguishing features.

Users may now get one-of-a-kind to access to their favorite contents thanks to Hola Free VPN Proxy.
The ability to see various programs and websites from around the world.
Provides privacy and anonymity while surfing the internet.

  • This VPN allows you to switch between several countries with ease. It is a peer-to-peer free VPN service that works by sharing the idle resources of its users all around the world. As a result, a more open web will emerge.
  • The Hola VPN service is now free, but it does provide a commercial option for enterprises.
  • Users can access prohibited sites in their region via an innovative peer-to-peer network connection.
  • Unlike most VPN services, Hola VPN allows you to speed up your browsing even further.
  • It also aids in the cost-cutting of mobile data.
  • Consider:
  • Some websites are unable to be accessed, and the VPN becomes stuck at the loading screen.
  • It is not compatible with Android 8.1 or Oreo.

Peer-to-peer VPN for free

Hola Free VPN is a Hola Networks Ltd-developed free online privacy solution. It’s a virtual private network, as the name implies, that allows you to browse the internet without limits. You can access any website using this method, regardless of country limitations.

Hola Free VPN isn’t your typical VPN service. It does not rely on a fixed network of maintained servers, unlike the competition. It’s more of a peer-to-peer network, with browser traffic passing through its members. While this makes it more difficult to figure out who you are, it just protects your browser traffic.

How Hola Free VPN works

Hola Free VPN takes a unique approach to online privacy protection. As previously said, it does not rely on server networks to keep your identity secret, unlike most VPNs. Instead, it’s a peer-to-peer (P2P) network that sends data through its users. When you use the app, your data is routed through the computers of other users who have the service installed. Some of their traffic may pass via your device as a result of this.

This method has various benefits for its users. It lacks established routes and destination servers, for starters. If you’re trying to access a geo-restricted website, the program can switch between proxy servers until you discover one that works.

It will also make it more difficult for websites to detect that you are using a VPN. Furthermore, because there are no servers or bandwidth expenditures, it keeps your costs low.

Users should be aware, however, that the app only protects browsers. The service is just good for unblocking websites; it does not include additional VPN capabilities like torrenting. Furthermore, unlike most VPNs, it makes use of some of your system and network resources.

It also saves users’ home IP addresses and uses their bandwidth to power its network. Users can utilize other users as exit servers as a result of this. If they’re transmitting something suspicious, your IP address can be linked to it.

How the app performs

Users will notice the app’s good performance despite the fact that it works differently than its competitors. Although it does not compare to huge names like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, it does significantly speed up your browsing.

Playbacks are always seamless, with no buffering, poor quality, or other difficulties. The app may also evade limits for streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, despite the fact that it is free. It does, however, only allow one hour each day.

Users should be aware, however, that the software does not just use your genuine IP address. It keeps track of your actions as well. Your name, email addresses, payment and invoicing details, and screen name are all collected.

When you open your social media account, it has access to your profile and friends list. The program does not provide much in the way of anonymity, despite having numerous lodging options.

The final word

Hola Free VPN is a great tool for unblocking websites in general. You can use the app to route your traffic. This allows you to evade detection while accessing sites that are forbidden in your location. It can also unblock streaming sites for up to an hour. It does not, however, safeguard your traffic or provide the privacy or anonymity that traditional VPN services do. There are also issues with logging. It might be useful for browsing, but not for anything important.


  • Easily unblocks restricted websites
  • Massive network of Hola nods
  • Smooth playback
  • Unlimited VPN


  • Logs your activities
  • Shares your bandwidth and CPU time
  • Can only unblock streaming sites for one hour
  • Can access your personal data

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