Find Your Studying Inspiration (Even If There Isn’t An Exam)

Being a student is a pain. It’s the equivalent of working but not being paid.

Yes, you are receiving an education, which is wonderful…

However, finding the motivation to study can be difficult.

The following is a definition of motivation:

The desire or willingness to perform something in general.

So the key to increasing your drive to study is to first improve your desire to study. That’s why we’ve put together this killer list to help you improve your study drive (even if you don’t have an exam)….

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1) Trim Your Preparation Time In Half (Already a Motivator!)

Studying Motivation

You’re going to adore this if you’re a procrastinator…

The theory of Parkinson’s law states that “work expands to fill the time available for completion.”

If you give yourself 10 hours to study, for example, you will study for 10 hours.

Cut the time you believe it will take to prepare for a project, paper, or exam in half the next time you have one to enhance your focus and productivity and maximize your performance.

For example, if you estimate that studying for an exam will take you 10 hours. Give yourself only 5 hours.

WARNING: This is a hazardous strategy, but if executed correctly, it can yield fantastic profits.

2) Use Memory Aids To Make Studying More Enjoyable.

Studying Motivation

Mnemonics (pronounced new-monies) is when you utilize systems to help you remember things. It can be a pleasurable approach to improve your memory and study skills.

You may already be familiar with the following mnemonic: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever

This is used to remember the North, East, South, and West directions (listed clockwise)

There are numerous resources available that can assist you in learning how to use mnemonics.

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3) Find a Study Partner Or a Study Group.

Getting a study buddy (or study group) is one of the finest ways to motivate yourself to study since not only will you be relying on them, but they will also be relying on you. Studying with others is more enjoyable, productive, and efficient since your study partner can assist you if you have questions about the content.

This is what you must do:

Find a study partner (or study group). Someone in the same class is the ideal spot to look for a study companion. Alternatively, you might enlist the help of other people to form a group.

Make a study schedule for yourself. It is beneficial to plan it at the same time each week so that you do not have to remember when it is and it becomes a habit.
Find a meeting spot with WiFi, such as a library, coffee shop, or fast food restaurant.

4) Establish Objectives

Studying Motivation

You must create goals if you want to be a successful student. It’s like shooting in the dark if you don’t have any goals. A simple place to begin is to:

Consult a counselor to decide which courses you’ll need to complete your degree. Then…
Make a list of the courses you’ll need to take each year. Then…

Each semester/quarter, make a list of the classes you’ll need to take. Then, for each class, make a list of the grades you wish to obtain.

Having a list like this and being able to cross things off of it gives you a huge boost in confidence and reinforces your internal reward system.

It’s as if you’re running a race and the mile markers are flying by!

5) Take Care Of Yourself; Don’t Deprive Yourself.

Studying Motivation

Reward yourself for a job well done to boost your study motivation.

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