How to Download and Check FESCO Online Bill

Check FESCO Online Bill
FESCO Online Bill

In Pakistan, FESCO is one of the greatest energy distribution companies. It has a low rate of distribution losses and a high rate of bill collection in terms of operational effectiveness. Its primary service area is Faisalabad, sometimes known as Pakistan’s Manchester. It is well-known for its huge textile businesses. It discusses Fesco’s electrification of the following places. Districts include Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakkar, T.T Singh, and Chiniot.

You can now check your Fesco bill online here every month. Fesco Bill is a free online tool that allows you to view and pay your Fesco account. You can see the most recent bill by date, as well as the whole bill, which contains all charges, in the sections below. You can either download and print a copy of your monthly Fesco bill or mail it to your local post office to pay it.

What is a 14-digit FESCO Bill Reference Number, and Where Do I Look For One?

Look for your reference number on your Fesco bill to check it online. A 14-digit number will be written in a box, usually near the bottom corner.

Look at the arrow shown in the image below if you’re still having problems finding the bill’s reference number:

What Exactly is FESCO?

Fesco (Faisalabad Electrical Supplies Firm) is a Pakistani company situated in Faisalabad. Fesco provides electricity to around 4.01 million people. Fesco is a country with a population of fewer than 26 million people. Fesco plays the chimes.

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Consumers of FESCO

Citizens make up a significant component of the company’s customer base. According to the map, the delineation encompasses more than 30 sessions of the Pakistan National Assembly and 50 sessions of the Punjab Assembly. Fesco’s Objective: Fesco’s primary goal in Pakistan will be to generate revenue while also providing power and other superior services to its customers. It is Pakistan’s sole energy distribution company, with operations in several nations.

Which Places Does FESCO cover?

Fesco offers the following services to its vendors: Sargodha’s Faisalabad Mianwali. Khushab Toba Tek Singh Jang 

Online Bill From FESCO

Fesco Bill Details: On our website, you may check the date statement number and then examine the whole bill, which contains the meter reading date, billing date, and covered amount beyond the due date. You can pay to watch it, and so on. To do so, look for the bill payment date on a full bill. You can then look over the list for the preceding 12 months and select the amount paid. What’s the easiest way to look for my Fesco bill on the internet? Follow these procedures to view your Fesco bill online:

  • Visit
  • Enter the 14 digit reference number.
  • You will now receive a new bill number with a date.
  • Click View Full bill to view the complete bill or download a copy of this bill

Taxes on your FESCO bill

A list of recurring taxes that appear on your Fesco bill is as follows: (FPA): Gas price adjustment (FPA): Fesco’s monthly payment includes even gas pricing for energy enterprises that generate electricity from oil. This number will appear on your monthly statement when the fuel is due. T.R is an abbreviation for Rationalization Surcharge. There is a NEPRA tariff gap as well as a GOP tariff gap. It is paid out as a “subsidy” when the disparity is in the GOP’s favor.

The Inter-Discotheque Tariff Rationalization Surcharge, on the other hand, ensures that the GOP is covered in the event of a gas shortage (IDTR SUR).

The FC Surcharge (Loan Cost Surcharge) is a fee that is added to the total loan cost. Loan Cost Surcharge is abbreviated as FC. Officers gave Hamilton a £ 43 tuition allowance per gadget so that he could obtain a set of loans from National Holdings Limited.

FESCO Email Billing Service

Email billing support is a terrific feature on the official Fesco website. You can sign up for a monthly bill using your email address and the amount you want to pay, and you’ll receive your bill through email before the due date. This is a nice spot to seek a bill by SMS on the official Fesco website.

Procedures for registering and transferring contacts have been updated: Please see the final link for more information. If you’ve bought a new home with an existing Fesco connection and want to add the previous owner’s name to the bill, you’ll need to go through the same steps as if you were setting up a new connection. Stop by your nearest Fesco office to amend or alter your address.

FESCO Helpline

  • Phone: +92 (41) 9220184-9220229.
  • Fax: +92 (41) 9220233.
  • UAN No. 080066554.

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