6 Great Marketing Strategy Books for a Competitive Advantage [2021]

To stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need a business strategy. That necessitates meticulous planning. However, strategy is more than just planning. Knowing how to bring together all available resources and put them into action for the best potential outcome is essential for strategy.

It may even necessitate you thinking in new ways—that is, approaching in completely different, disruptive ways.

These six business strategy books will assist you in getting ahead of the competition—and staying ahead of it.

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Resilience, Belonging, and Success as a Business Strategy

Mohammad Anwar, Chris Pitre, Frank Danna, and Jeff Ma contributed to this article.

This best-seller from 2021 isn’t looking for quick remedies. Instead, it forces you to reconsider your entire business strategy. Meeting goals, increasing revenue, and strengthening teams necessitate questioning what you believe you know about business culture.

And, certainly, you will learn to develop a culture of love.

Love as a Business Strategy is a fascinating and entertaining read that takes you through three stages of your journey. First, you’ll discover why love is beneficial to business. Second, you’ll look at how assets like inclusiveness, empowerment, and forgiveness may help your business develop. Finally, you’ll discover how to put the strategy into action at every level of your company.

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Patrick Bet-Master David’s the Art of Corporate Strategy

Patrick Bret-David is the CEO of the PHP Agency, Inc, a financial services firm, and is a key corporate influencer. Valuetainment, his YouTube channel, regularly attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers per episode.

Bret-David compares company strategy to a chess battle in the 2020s Your Next Five Moves, in which the present move impacts all subsequent plays, despite the fact that every move occurs in order. As a result, he approaches a company plan with caution and procedure. Don’t worry if you’re not a chess fan. The novel is far from dry, and Bret-David demonstrates a remarkable talent for storytelling with numerous really fascinating scenes.

Endurance, Connecting, and Success: A Blue Ocean Strategy

Renee Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim

This classic corporate planning book from 1994 has withstood the test of time. The methods discussed in this book have influenced corporate growth for more than a generation, as evidenced by dozens of important success stories.

In essence, the Blue Ocean Strategy encourages business owners to look for “blue oceans.”

Those are places where there is currently unmet customer demand. This eliminates the need for corporate executives to fight for market share. Rather, they give birth to completely new markets.

It is, however, a process. The authors, Kim and Mauborgne, take the reader through each stage of the strategy development process, including strategy formulation, organizational barriers, and implementation. Blue Ocean Strategy is a book that can help you achieve your goals. It is recommended for all company leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.

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Clayton M. Christensen’s The Innovator’s Dilemma:

When New Innovations Cause Great Firms to Fail

New technologies are frequently less expensive, more effective, and faster. They make our lives better. At the same time, they cause havoc in the business world. When smaller, leaner organizations innovate or adapt to new technology, companies that once led an industry can vanish in a matter of years.

Christensen investigates how the qualities we associate with excellent leadership might really contribute to a company’s collapse. Listening to your customer, for example, is generally sound advice. However, when it comes to new technologies that aren’t widely understood, the customer isn’t necessarily correct.

With this in mind, Christensen depicts a situation in which seemingly good leadership decisions can lead to tragedy. He then shows the reader how corporations might handle this problem in a practical way.

All industries have been disrupted by technology, and this strategy guide will show you how to stay ahead of the game.

Think Lead Disrupt: How Brilliant Minds Link Strategy to Action Nichol, Peter B.

Yes, technology has the potential to disrupt any industry. You can, however, be obnoxious. And Peter B. Nichol can help you get started with wise business tactics that will allow you to become more inventive.

Nichol offers the reader to explore new methods to idea development as an inventor with a strong tech background. You’ll learn how to overcome your personal biases and embrace values like first-principle thinking in order to develop a development mindset. You’ll also learn how to implement such ideals across your firm and deal with disruptive threats from the outside.

This 2021 handbook is recommended for any leader wishing to stay on the leading edge in a fast-changing world.

The Complete Online Business, Social Media Agency, and Personal Brand Workbook for Newbies to Turn Your Presence Online into a Money Making Machine (Social Media Marketing 2021 and Digital Marketing:

The Complete Online Business, Social Media Agency, and Private Brand Workbook for Newbies to Turn Your Online Presence into a Money Making Machine)

(Social Media Marketing 2021 and Digital Marketing: Authored by Michael Branding

This company strategy guide may appear to be narrowed down to a single subject.

Nonetheless, most marketing tactics have been absorbed by digital business strategy. Social media, email marketing, and other forms of digital marketing have undoubtedly become indispensable tools in practically every industry.

In truth, Branding’s book covers a surprising amount of ground. Yes, you’ll study particular methods for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You’ll also learn how to collaborate with famous influencers to expand your reach. But you’ll also learn about goals and worldwide business strategies for bringing all of this together. If your company primarily sells to consumers, this book is a must-read for getting your digital marketing strategy off the ground.

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