4 Signs of Dream Career

A prestigious firm’s corner office. A net compensation of $200,000 is offered. A promotion that places you in charge of a worldwide staff.

Would any of these items make the cut if you had to define your ideal job?

Mally Roncal, a cosmetic artist who has worked with celebrities such as Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, claims that love drove her career rather than money. And it was her passion that propelled her into a realm where she was not only helping clients but also selling her own products under the Mally Beauty label.

Editor and Roncal discuss how to get your dream job in this episode of Brilliant Thoughts. If you’re headed in the correct direction, you’ll notice four vital indicators.

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1) You’d Do That For No Charge.

The signs of someone engrossed in a hobby or passion endeavor are difficult to ignore. It appears to be similar to:

Labor sessions of ten hours that never “feel” like work Working on a hobby at any time and in any place You become so absorbed in your work that you lose sight of time. Does this ring a bell?

Pay attention to whether or not your interest in becoming an obsession. You are inherently motivated, highly disciplined, and capable of turning your passion into a career if you would accomplish something every day without remuneration.

“I always joke that I was born with a mascara wand in my hand,” Roncal says of her long-standing love of cosmetics.

Listen to your gut before making any major decisions, she advises. That way, you’ll be able to achieve your goals faster and avoid career choices that aren’t right for you. In Roncal’s case, she passed up a profession in medicine, which was her parents’ original plan, in order to pursue a career in makeup and beauty.

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2) People Are Enamoured With Your Abilities.

It’s a good indicator when someone notices a skill you have and immediately urges you to pursue it as a company. It indicates that you have a skill worth developing. You can become an expert by honing that innate talent.

That’s how Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez became Roncal’s clients. Years of practice have made her the greatest at what she does.

But that isn’t the main reason for her success. Roncal’s 27-year-old agent felt her effervescent demeanor would appeal to star clientele. Artists need a “warm cup of coffee” to face 80,000 shouting fans, he says.

“With Celine Dion, Angelina Jolie, and the Osbournes, Jim started scheduling me,” she adds. “Then Beyoncé, J-Lo, and Destiny’s Child all showed up at the same time.”

If no one mentions your special abilities, don’t be hesitant to inquire about them. “What do you love about me?” question your closest friends and colleagues. “Can you tell me something I do better than anyone else?” Take those responses to heart and use the best aspects of your life to establish a career.

3) You Have a Clear Idea of What You Want To Achieve.

A dream job isn’t completely elusive, yet it constantly seems to slip through our fingers. Why?

Looking at Roncal’s professional life, it appears that you get what you prioritize. If that’s all you get in terms of income and promotions, you’ll be financially secure yet yearning for more. Satisfaction and money can become intertwined if you value your purpose.

So all you need is a job that allows you to live your mission and communicate your views, not the most remarkable career on the planet.

Being a makeup artist, Roncal believes, is all about making people feel good about themselves. Money and accolades are good bonuses, but it’s the personal connection that keeps her going.

“I’m sitting face to face with you whether I’m going to apply your foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, or whatever,” she explains. “Nothing is more intimate, more loving, more uncomfortable, or more in the present than having someone so near to you touch your face.”

4) You Have Faith In Your Ability.

You can create an exciting future if you trust yourself on an automatic, no-questions-asked level.

Roncal would never have approached a prominent New York agent to represent her with a “young” portfolio, founded Mally Beauty, or sold beauty goods live on QVC if she didn’t have complete faith in herself.

Each achievement required a lot of guts, and the TV debut, in particular, sparked years of business success.

“We sold out of every single piece of cosmetics in 36 minutes,” she recalls. “There was no one in that warehouse.” That was just what I needed to hear… knowing I’m supposed to be here, and that this is my home.”

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