3 Social Media Selling Secrets

“How can I encourage people to buy my stuff?”

I speak with Mason, a music industry veteran who spent nearly two decades assisting musicians through tours, contracts, and sales.

He just left that world to pursue new interest as a small-scale cow rancher—yes, you read that correctly. Both activities rely on Mason’s scrappy, entrepreneurial attitude, despite the stark change on the surface.

We frequently assume we’re beginning over when, in reality, we’re simply reinventing ourselves, building on all of the abilities we’ve acquired over time. Mason’s ambitions have been guided by his passion and drive, both of which have led him to great success.

Now he’s come to us to talk about the nuts and bolts of leveraging his social media and converting his fans from his music days into beef buyers.

We live in a world where our communities, and thus our potential consumers, are always available. So, how do we put that power to work for us and convert it into sales? If you’ve ever felt stymied by social media, keep reading to learn my top three social media selling secrets.

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1) Selling Entails a Trust Shift.

You must realize that selling is nothing more than a trust transference. And, while social media is really valuable in the long run, it is a gradual method of transferring trust. It’s a scalable method, but it’s time-consuming. I would not use social media if you need money fast or if you are just starting off.

Whatever will convey trust in the quickest amount of time will put money in your pocket.

What exactly are you inquiring about? Referrals from real-life acquaintances. When your firm is new and you don’t yet have reliable customers, you need to build on the ties you already have. But don’t expect them to be your first circle of clients, or you’ll burn them off.

They are your circle of introductions and referrals.

Reach out to real-life people you trust and ask them to refer their friends and family to your company. They will transfer their trust in those relationships to you, and that transference of trust is far more important to you than a one-time purchase.

Customers will be able to refer you once your business has gained traction. However, the quickest and most dependable approach to establish trust is to reach out to and strengthen existing relationships.

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2) You Have Power Over Your Own Future If You Establish Your Own Audience.

I’ll be honest: I don’t particularly enjoy spending my days on social media. Of sure, I enjoy meeting and communicating with my community, but social media is far from my favorite pastime. Instead, I consider it similar to working out: I know it’s good for me, so I schedule it in.

Because I know that using social media will be a crucial part of my future, I schedule it into my day in the same way that I schedule a morning exercise and a nutritious breakfast.

Whoever has control of the audience has control of the power.

As an entrepreneur, understanding this is the first and most important step. To persuade oneself to perform the difficult, and often distasteful work, you must first comprehend the importance and power of social media.

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3) Produce Material That You Would Like To View.

One of the most common social media blunders is believing that their content must be well polished, stylized, or fall into some sort of “type.” However, it does not have to be anything other than what you would watch or find interesting on your own.

Your audience is you. People who adore what you adore are also the most inclined to purchase from you. As a result, the sooner you can be yourself online, the sooner you can start making money. The more you appear to be someone you’re not, the more the barrier between you and a profit grows. Nobody wants to make a purchase from a phony.

Create stuff that you would find intriguing if you were to ask yourself that question.

Furthermore, if you enjoy creating material, you are more likely to continue doing so. You won’t get burned out on the job or obsess over how many people have seen a particular item.

Create a platform that reflects who you are, not what you believe other people desire.

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