3 Humanitarian Tips From an Expert

Even while most people celebrate monetary gain, making millions of dollars isn’t the best sign of success. Giving back to others is the key to success. It’s your capacity to guide a new intern, volunteer in your community, or generate money for worthy causes.

Shauna Nep, the vice president of philanthropy at SB Projects, is a social good expert.

She works with musicians such as Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato to convert humanitarian ideas into full-fledged programs. To her, the definition of social good is fluid; you do whatever it takes to better the quality of life on Earth.

“Sometimes that looks like a huge concert generating millions of dollars [for a cause], and other times it looks like checking in on a friend who I know is going through a difficult moment,” Nep adds. “It definitely covers the spectrum.”

 how to concentrate your generosity and make a difference in the world.

Is it your ambition to become a generous and influential giver? Here are a few pointers from a seasoned humanitarian.

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Make Giving a Top Priority.

Let’s face it: the life of an entrepreneur is stressful. There are numerous jobs to perform, and the to-do list from yesterday may spill over into today. When you’re working hard, it’s easy to lose sight of your altruistic aspirations.

Be Adaptable in Your Approach to Keep on Track.

Have a plan in place to aid others while still leaving room for the unexpected, such as natural disaster relief or viral campaigns. It’s beneficial to have plans and schedules in place. It’s fine to refocus your efforts when pressing circumstances to arise.

“If you know anything about our organization, you know we do large, impactful things,” Nep adds. “It’s no different when it comes to [philanthropy].”

Our entire organization has shifted gears from publishing an album to organizing a march on Washington or putting on a benefit event at times…. It’s truly fantastic to be able to change and focus toward the good.”

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Make a Strategy For Social Betterment.

Reacting to every issue, on the other hand, can leave you feeling disorganized. Don’t try to support all of the social projects out there; it’s impossible. Create a self-directed plan that you can follow at any time.

1) Choose a Cause That Resonates With You.

The first step is to identify a few causes that are important to you. It doesn’t matter what they are as long as they are positive and feel connected to the broader objective.

The following are the most pressing topics of today:

  • Putting an end to gun violence
  • Racism must be eliminated. Putting an end to police violence
  • Increasing voting rights and advocating for mental health
  • Providing assistance to the LGBT community

What will you stand for in the future? Examine how you feel about the concerns raised above, as well as other causes gaining traction. Joining an existing project, such as the ones listed above, may be ideal for some people.

Others identify a problem that has gone unnoticed and launches a campaign to raise awareness.

It’s entirely up to you.

“What are the issues that really drive you crazy and keep you awake at night?” Nep expresses himself. “Can you tell me about the issues you wish to focus on?”

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2) Put Your Skills to Work For the Good of the Cause.

The second step is to figure out how you’ll make a difference once you know what you’re fighting for. Do you have any special abilities that leaders and organizers could use? If this is the case, discover your strengths so that you can work on your passion or mission.

Are you able to…

  • To raise awareness, why not launch a social media campaign?
  • Do you want to write grant proposals for a non-profit organization?
  • Why not conduct digital fundraising using your web presence?
  • Do you want to cater a charity event?
  • There is no correct or incorrect response; it all depends on your passion and how you want to express it.

3) Seek Assistance.

You are not alone in your battle for social justice. Thousands (perhaps millions) of grassroots organizers around the world have years of activism experience. If you’re not sure what to do initially, follow these leaders on social media.

You may understand where a project is headed and how you can support it by sending a simple DM (or simply reading their tweets).

For SB Projects, Nep does something similar. She consults the company’s corporate partners when she wants assistance with a charitable endeavor. They have specialized knowledge that aids in her organization.

“It just improves our knowledge base in such instances since we can’t be experts on every single area,” Nep explains.

Humanitarian action is beneficial to one’s soul. Even if it’s only for a day, sacrificing your time and energy to think of someone else can make you a happier person.

Just keep in mind that we’re designed to succeed together, not separately. Make you are giving a communal effort by seeking out other humanitarians.

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