12 Rules When Using an Email Marketing Service

Is it Cost Less?

You’re presumably on a budget, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, therefore free software is a must-have in any solopreneur’s toolkit. Most EMS platforms have a free plan that covers basic functions such as emailing (did you expect a better punchline?)

Ask if it’s a free trial or if it’s free for a limited time.

What is the Maximum Number of Subscribers?

That convenient free plan is only available until you reach a particular number of customers. Is it 250 for Klaviyo or 2,000 for Mailchimp? If you expect to increase your list quickly, you’ll want to find a provider that provides you room to grow before paying. Also, find out how many emails each month you’re permitted to send.


Is it Possible to Schedule My Email Campaigns?

Maybe you’re writing marketing copy as a side hustle after the kids are in bed, or before you go to your 9-5 job. My friend, you have an excellent work ethic, but midnight may not be the best time to contact your consumers. Even while it may appear simple, not all free EMS plans let you schedule campaigns for later. Keep an eye out for this.


Don’t Get Up at 2 a.m. to Make Your List.

Does it get along with other people? The benefit of implementing an email marketing plan is that it can be used in conjunction with a variety of other tools and methods. Check to see if your EMS is compatible with your e-commerce business, landing pages, preferred pop-up service, and customer relationship management system.

The EMS that is less well-known may not speak the same language as the rest of your company, which can be an expensive problem in the long run.

Is it Pre-Programmed?

Email marketing is effective not just because it allows you to communicate directly with customers who have opted-in, but also because it allows you to sell to clients at the right point in their buying journey, even while you sleep. Although some books categorize automation as the domain of the sophisticated marketer, it should now be at the heart of your email marketing plan.

Is it Possible to Segregate My Mailing List?

Your potential clients may be seeking assistance with their business, profession, relationship, finances, or emotions as a coach. Don’t market to these people, in the same manner, you market to others. That is why being able to “segment” your email list is so important. When you combine this strategy with automation, you’ve effectively hired a half-dozen salesmen for nothing. Later, we’ll talk about automation and segmentation.

Do They Have Any Good Templates?

There are compelling reasons to avoid fancy emails in favor of plain text (more on that later). Pre-built templates, on the other hand, can save hours and ensure that the final product looks amazing if you go the graphics-heavy route.

Do you really need a business that provides beautiful email templates?


Is it Possible That I’m a Luddite?

I know it’s an awkward topic, but do you have a proclivity for destroying computers? Choose a provider with minimal capabilities and a dead basic user interface, such as SendFox, if dealing with HTML or gazing over analytics data makes you weak in the knees.

Is it Capable of Creating Landing Pages?

A fundamental goal of any plan is to increase your subscriber list, and one way to do so is to give something value (such as an ebook) in exchange for an email address. The landing (or squeeze) page is a simple webpage that encourages a user to perform this particular transaction. Choose an EMS that allows you to simply develop landing pages.

Isn’t A/B Testing a Good Idea?

In reality, this simply involves sending an email to two test groups while changing one variable, such as the subject line, to see which email is more effective. True A/B testing is only reliable when you have a large sample size—in other words, a list of thousands of subscribers or more. Fortunately, Optimizely includes a helpful calculator that can tell you if your experiments will be worthwhile.

That’s True, But How Do Their Analytics Stack Up?

You may spend all day sending emails and still be shouting into the abyss. Monitoring and adjusting campaign performance is an important element of any email marketing plan.

It’s beneficial to have an EMS with powerful analytics. Some providers will charge you for this. In relation to that…

How Much Will This Set Me Back?

Even the most generous free EMS plan will ultimately be outgrown if you’re performing email marketing correctly. At that moment, you have two options: either cease growing your firm or pay a hefty price. Learn what features are included in your free plan and how much you’ll have to pay for extras like automation or 500 subscribers.

Don’t allow others to tell you which service to choose; instead, apply the criteria outlined above to make the best option possible. Keep in mind that switching EMS is as inconvenient as removing glitter off a shag carpeting… As a result, make wise decisions.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing?

Let’s have a look at the numbers:

“Average email open rates range from 15 to 25 percent… On the other hand, you may only expect a.07 percent click-through rate on Facebook.”

“An email’s average order value is at least 3 times higher than that of social media.”

“An average return of $42 may be expected for every $1 spent on email marketing.”

However, witnessing the outcomes with my own eyes was enough for me. And when Facebook’s algorithms changed, making it nearly impossible to contact followers without paying, I made the switch to email (where I control my own list).

I’m not an expert in email marketing; I don’t work for a marketing firm or MailChimp, and I didn’t study it in business school. But I do have more than seven years of hard-won front-line experience. The information and tactics presented in this article are based on the creation of four unique web enterprises.

I can tell you from experience as a solopreneur that email marketing is the most effective strategy to grow your business.

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