10 Best Tips For Landing Your Ideal Job In 2021

Have you considered quitting your work to pursue your passion? You’re not on your own. Employees are quitting in greater numbers than ever before. A job hunt, on the other hand, necessitates preparation.

If you’ve been in the same job for a long time, you may need to brush up on your office abilities and build your résumé as well.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 top apps and tools for landing your dream job in 2021, ranging from portfolio building tools to career search services.

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Top Resources to Help You Prepare for Your Job Search

For Career Preparation, Google is a great resource.

Grow with Google provides free online training and productivity tools to help you keep up with the latest office software and applications.

A comprehensive range of current online and in-person workshops for entrepreneurs, job seekers, and students are also available. Grow with Google also offers low-cost, premium certification courses in popular IT and programming professions. There’s a lot to learn—take a look.

Build Your Resume on Resume.com

This website allows you to quickly and conveniently create a resume for download. There are several templates available to help you get started in a professional and structured manner. And, while the designs appear simple, they are for a reason. For digitized processing, each template is compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

To help you get started, Resume.com offers resume samples from a variety of industries. It also has information for writing your cover letter.

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Using WordPress to Create an Online Portfolio

Many online portfolio creation and hosting solutions are available. However, because of its versatility, we prefer WordPress. The many themes, available in both paid and free versions, allow you to construct a personalized website tailored to your professional goals and field of expertise. It’s a platform you’ll never outgrow, with so many plugins and built-in blogging capabilities.

LinkedIn is a Platform For Skill Development And Networking.

This website, as well as the accompanying mobile app, offers a lot more than just draw recruiters to your job hunt. LinkedIn’s social media engine for networking is where it really shines.

Follow leaders from every industry around the world and easily connect with colleagues and peers. A premium account unlocks more features and gives you access to over 15,000 online courses.

Indeed Is One Of the Most Popular Job-Search Websites And Apps.

Indeed Is Unquestionably the Greatest Job Search Software.

L Recruiters will discover you there, plain and simple. That’s because it’s the most widely utilized job-search tool on the planet. Create an online version of your resume and begin your profile by simply uploading it.
Indeed makes it simple to search for jobs by profession, skills, and location. You can also set up notifications to be informed about job postings that fit your career objectives. Indeed’s testing feature is where it really shines. If a hiring manager asks for a certain ability, Indeed is likely to have a quick test for it to help you stand out.

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Along with Indeed, you’ll most likely want to add Glassdoor to your list of job-search websites and apps. Despite the fact that it performs essentially the same purpose as Indeed, it is still the best way to locate company reviews from current and past employees.

You can even locate information on individual companies’ employment interviews to assist you to prepare. Glassdoor also has a salary estimator to help you figure out what you’re worth depending on your experience, occupation, education, and location. Glassdoor continues to be a leader in the field of company research.


Monster, one of the first web search engines, is still one of the most popular and effective. Monster, a favorite among recruiters, has one of the most user-friendly designs on both its mobile app and website. They also provide a fantastic blog with career tips and a wage calculator to aid with negotiations.


Remote and gig work has become more popular as people’s lifestyles and technologies have changed. Concerns about COVID-19 have pushed this need to the fore. Although there are numerous remote and contract work websites, none compare to FlexJobs in terms of job quality and credibility.

With a monthly subscription, you’ll get a steady stream of remote and contract work postings in your preferred industries. You will also be able to participate in high-quality learning webinars. Most importantly, all of the employers featured have been thoroughly vetted. FlexJobs is the best gig job website because of this extra layer of security.


Indeed and other specialized employment search engines have essentially eliminated the necessity for specialty job websites. HigherEdJobs has been made an exception for two reasons. One reason is that many schools and institutions continue to rely solely on it. Second, while the industry may be specialized, the positions aren’t.

There are professor listings, but there are also listings for personnel. Marketing professionals to kitchen employees, entry-level janitorial to executive leadership are among them. You’ll want to include HigherEdJobs in your job search arsenal because many of them come with generous state parks.

Job Opportunities in the United States

Federal government employees are another specialty area that offers a diverse range of job opportunities. And USAJobs is the finest site to look for a government job. You may post your résumé and make it searchable, much like most other job search sites. For practically every career field, there are positions available all around the United States and beyond.

However, you should read the job postings very carefully to ensure that you meet the requirements for things like security clearance and veteran preference.

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